New Home Construction

New Home Construction

Let's get Started!

Are you in the Texarkana, TX, area and ready to build your dream home? Don't wait another second! Give Jimmy Anderson Construction a call. Our team is excited to help you build the home you've always wanted by asking the right questions. Our group of guys will do a good clean job while working hard to get you to that long-awaited move-in day as soon as possible.

Not sure where to begin? New home construction can be stressful. Sometimes it's hard to figure out where to start. If that sounds like your current state of affairs don't worry. Here at Jimmy Anderson Construction, we can also draw up plans for your home. Call now for more information about creating your blueprints!

What are the advantages of new construction?

The fixer-upper home isn't for everyone. If you want more control of your investment, Jimmy Anderson Construction can help you build a brand-new home from scratch. Choose new construction to benefit from:

  • Low-cost maintenance- modern plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems translate to extremely low maintenance needs in your brand-new home.
  • A worry-free moving day- your new construction home will be ready for you on the very first day.
  • Energy efficiency- modern insulation and building practices allow for extreme energy efficiency. Pay less on your monthly energy bills.
  • Custom design elements- live in a home that is designed specifically for your lifestyle and needs.

Have the home you want today. Our team loves to collaborate with our clients to help them get the home of their dreams. Contact us today at 903-831-0101 to hire a home builder in Nash and Texarkana, TX.